Date: 2012.08.16
Category: 공지 사항
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이 글은 고앤두 웹사이트의 예전 게시판에서 2013년 5월 1일부로 옮겨진 글입니다.
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Wattaya Kindergarten Contract


This AGREEMENT among Myanmar Wattaya Kindergarten (hereinafter “Kindergarten”), Go & Do International (hereinafter “Company”), and Palbok Lutheran Church (hereinafter “Church”) is entered into and shall commence on the 15th of August , 2012.


1. Purpose

             The purpose of this contract is to promote the mission work of the Church and business aspects of the Company through mutual cooperation with the Kindergarten in supporting and development of the Kindergarten.


2. Limits and Responsibilities

             a. The Church and the Company will work towards establishing and helping to grow the Kindergarten for the mutual benefit for all parties.

             b. All parties will cooperate for the effective operation of the Kindergarten.


3. Agreement Condition

             a. The Church will fund the Kindergarten cost of operation through the Company annually. Annual budget will be adjusted for cost increase in goods and labor costs and the adjustments will be decided in October through the agreement of three parties.

             b. The annual budget will be funded by the Church on the condition that the Kindergarten provide monthly activity report and provide annual audits of Kindergarten to the Company.

             c. The Myanmar Wattaya Kindergarten recognizes that it is an affiliated organization (partner organization) to the Church and the Company.

             d. The Kindergarten will operate under the authority of the Company as specified by the Korean and the Myanmar government.


4. Terms of the Contract

             This contract is effective 1 year from the date of agreement and may be renewed annually upon evaluation.


5. Termination of the Contract

             This contract may be terminated with a written notice one month prior with mutual agreement through at least one discussion.


6. Non-Disclosure Agreement

             a. The Kindergarten shall not disclose any confidential information to a third-party regarding the Church and the Company during and after the terms of the contract without specific permission.

             b. The party responsible for disclosing confidential information will bear the responsibility of any legal issues arising from the disclosure of confidential information.


7. Remedies

             The contract will be effective from the date of the signed contract and any other issues outside the scope of this contract will yield to the standard law regarding the issue.


8. Miscellaneous

             In case a particular partnership is required, the Church, Company, and the Kindergarten may agree to additional contract after discussing with all parties.


August 15, 2012